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How To Unlock iPhone On iOS 7 For Free (Guide)

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As an untethered jailbreak for iPhone on iOS 7 has been released; it has opened doors to many possibilities and one of them is the free unlock. Yup folks, you can now unlock your iPhone on iOS 7 for free! We have the complete guide on how to unlock iPhone on iOS 7 for free using the SAM unlock method; check out the complete procedure below on unlocking iPhone.

Unlock iPhone iOS 7

Whenever a new jailbreak comes out, people rush to download their favourite tweaks, but some users simple want to be able to use their iPhone without fearing for it getting locked. Well now that the jailbreak is here, fear not, as you can safely unlock an iPhone.

You can now unlock iPhone on iOS 7 using the SAM unlock method. We have the entire procedure for you so you can try it out. Before actually attempting the guide make sure to read the notes, as they are very important.

Important Notes:

  • This guide will help you unlock iPhone on all versions of iOS 7 that are compatible with Evasion jailbreak.
  • This guide works on all basebands for the iPhone.
  • All versions of the iPhone can be unlocked.
  • You must have SAM activation tickets for this guide to work.
  • Only use the SIM card which was originally used to save the activation tickets. This is one of the major reasons why people fail to unlock the iPhone.


  • SAM activation tickets.
  • Original SIM card.
  • Download iFile from Cydia.
  • Dropbox.

iPhone factory unlock

Procedure to unlock iPhone on iOS 7

This is a step-by-step guide which will help you unlock iPhone on iOS 7 for free. But do note that some people might find this guide a bit hard. For those of you who are not sure how to attempt this guide, I suggest you wait until Redsnow or Snowbreeze gets updated to do this process automatically.

There are currently two methods to unlock the iPhone using the SAM activation tickets. Both have been proven to work; you can try whichever one you prefer as their difficulty level is almost the same. This guide will only mention one method, the other method will be published on Maypalo.com after a few days (due to Mobile Substrate not being fully updated).

Note: As iOS 7 jailbreak was released unexpectedly; the Mobile Substrate has not been full updated for iOS 7, so you might face some errors while attempting this guide. If you face some problems I suggest you wait until Cydia has been updated with the new Mobile Substrate, and then attempt this unlocking procedure again.

SAM Unlock iOS 7

STEP 1: Use the original SIM card that was saved using the SAM activation tickets.

STEP 2: Head over to /var/root/Library using iFile (download from Cydia).

STEP 3: Tap the edit button on the right hand corner and select Lockdown folder.

STEP 4: Now create a backup using the zip button and delete the lockdown folder.

STEP 5: Now we need those unlock activation tickets you saved. Open Dropbox where you saved the backed up Lockdown folder with the valid activation ticket (Zipped file).

STEP 6: Now unzip this folder with iFile by using Unarchiver

STEP 7: Now you simply need to copy the Lockdown folder. To do that simply tap Edit on the right hand corner and tap clipboard icon and copy it.

STEP 8:  Head over to /var/root/Library then tap Edit > tap on clipboard icon then select paste > done.

STEP 9:  Any SAMPrefs file installed on you iPhone should be deleted. To check if you have deleted them head over to /User/Library/Preferences and search for SAM and delete the com.bingner.sam.plist file.

Step 10: Reboot.

If you have followed the steps correctly, your iPhone should be unlocked and running on iOS 7. Please do note that some of you might face problems while trying to unlock iPhone on iOS 7 due to Cydia not being properly updated.

As always if you have any question relating to “unlocking iPhone on iOS 7 for free” then leave a comment below and we will get to you.

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31 Comments to How To Unlock iPhone On iOS 7 For Free (Guide)

  1. u forget to mention that u cant acces the lockdown folder if the phone isnt activated and u cant jailbreak with evasion without activated phone :((

    • search utube for tutorial “root ip4 without jailbreak”. i succesfuly unlock using SSH ramdisk tool and winscp.copy paste your lockdown folder to mnt2 folder

  2. Is the original SIM, the one that came with the phone, or the one you unlocked it with SAM, because I cant get through activation screen,because of the First SIM.Is there a solution?

  3. The same happens to me, I have the SAM tickets but I don’t have the original SIM card. Is there another way to activate the iPhone, to make Evasi0n work, as it doesn’t work if it isn’t activated?

    • search utube for tutorial “root ip4 without jailbreak”. i succesfuly unlock using SSH ramdisk tool and winscp.copy paste your lockdown folder to mnt2 folder

    • it can be unlocked with sam but every time the phone is restared u need to do the unlock process……i`m back to 6.1.2….waiting for redsow or snowbreeze…cheers

    • Syed M. Kashan Ul Hassan Nizami

      hello buddy put your iphone or idevice on airplane mode or email me i will tell you how evasion works on unactivated iphone

  4. Bypassing Activation ideas:

    1. What about using redsn0w to restore tickets?
    2. Using opensn0w to gain access to file system and manually copy and paste Lockdown folder?

    • redsnow not compatible to ios7, use the SSH ramdisk program. search for how to root ip4 without jailbreaking. look for the mnt2 folder, inside u will find lockdown folder then replace it with your lockdown folder.

      • Vital help me. Give me more details of this procedure please. I tried as you said but it still fails. Thank you in advance.

      • mate, conversations here are too technical for me. I like to get help from vita in a basic way to unlock my 4.installed evasion. cydia is there in the menu. what to do next? can i write you through mail? i m not sure, i will visit this space again.my mail id is mailme_mine@yahoo.com. please contact, i couldnt find yours, Mr. Vital.
        Roshan K Kumar

  5. Freeunlocking

    You can get it factory unlock using our website all carrier support our website is freeunlocking.webs.com/price-list-doller

  6. Tried with an iPhone 4 with iOS 6 with success. I had the original operator SIM card and used it during the jailbreak. Then ssh’d into the phone, removed old Lockdown and replaced with my zipped Lockdown file. Removed the com.bingner.sam.plist file and did a phone reset replacing the original operator SIM card with my current SIM card. Everything OK. Now running ios 7.0.4

  7. Hello I’m new to the process. my phone is not activated does this still work for me? Sam prefs does not read the sprint sim. the phone was upgraded on the account to different phone and I picked up this iphone 4s.

  8. i have iphone 5 ios 7.0.4 and want to know if this can be unlocked using this method too.Hav jailbroken and hav the original sim and downloaded ifile and dropbox . thought id stop there until i findout whether it works on my iphone 5 Please let me know…Thanks

  9. hello i dont have sam but i jailbreacked my iphone 4 whit ios7.0.4 evasi0n 7,how can i unlock my phone?

  10. Step 5: Now unlock activation tickets. Launch Dropbox where the Lockdown folder was saved with the zipped file (valid activation ticket).

    How do I put the Lockdown folder in Dropbox? I’m sorry but I think, I don’t get the most part of the tutorial.

      • even so is not understood, we are supposedly in the ifile app as that application’s step and we stick to dropbox the file there, or way to sort that file.

  11. for those who have trouble hacktivating, you can simply follow this “http://forums.iphonehacks.com/discussion/9363/temp-solution-to-hacktivate-ios-7″

  12. Hey, I brought Iphone 4s is locked to canada fido from a person, while purchasing the phone he never mentioned that the phone is deactivated by carrier because of non payment. When i spoke to fido they asked me to clear the outstanding amount of $1000. I need your help.
    I was successful in installing cydia on my phone.
    Now can you assist me to unlock and activate this phone.

  13. Carlos Cotto

    I did everything to the letter but I can not delete this file “delete the com.bingner.sam.plist “, because when the user login to send me a var folder so I do not find that I do? or because the user sudece this folder besides me appears in different color

    this is my email address carlos.cr93@gmail.com, i need help because it doesn´t works :(

  14. yayaspidy

    thanx for the Method it works perfectly but i have a question , now my phone is jailbroken & i need to update my IOS so the question if i restore from 7.0.4 to 7.1 will my iphone be locked agian ????? and i will have to do SAM agian

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