Download Evasion 7.x Untether Package From Cydia

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Evad3rs team have just released an upgrade to Evasion 7.x untether jailbreak. This update comes via a Cydia package for those of you who have already jailbroken using Evasion7 jailbreaking tool. You can download Evasion 7.x untether package right now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Evasion 7 Cydia Package

Evad3rs has released an upgrade to the Evasion 7 package on Cydia. This package is exactly the same as the Evasion jailbreak tool version 1.0.1; so those of you who have already jailbroken using Evasion 1.0.1 do not need to install this Cydia untether package. But those of you who have jailbroken using the Evasion version 1.0 (the first one that was released), need to upgrade this package.

If you are jailbroken on iOS 7, Evasion 7.x untether package will already be installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. All you need to do is head over to the “Changes” category and click upgrade on the top right hand corner.

evasion 7.x untether

Evasion 7.x untether brings the following changes:

  • Removes Taig splash screen.
  • Adds some features that saurik will be relying on in future updates to other packages (likely Mobile Substrate).

As I mentioned above, if you have jailbroken with Evasion 1.0.1 you do not need to install it, it’s only for those people who have jailbroken using Evasion when it first came out.

Do note that this version of Evasion does not update the Mobile Substrate everyone has been talking about, but it would definitely help your device operate better while using Cydia.

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