Fix Mobile Substrate On iOS 7 For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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You might have probably heard by now about the problems relating to Evasion jailbreak and Cydia in general. Most of these problems are related to Mobile Substrate; which tweaks heavily rely on in Cydia to function properly. As the Mobile Substrate has not been properly updated for iOS 7, we have a temporary fix for your problems. Here is how you can fix mobile substrate on iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Mobile Substrate iOS 7

Team Evad3rs released iOS 7 jailbreak in a hurry; they have their reasons, but many people were pretty upset that the jailbreak was released without actually coordinating with Cydia developer – a.k.a Saurik. That is the reason why many of you can’t enjoy your favourite Cydia tweaks; they are not properly optimized for iOS 7.

Well, there is a way to fix Mobile Substrate on iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And, it is as simple as installing a Cydia tweak!

You might have heard about the MS Reload Fixer by deVbug, as it was one of the first so-called Mobile Substrate fixes for iOS 7. But Cydia founder Saurik mentioned that installing it was very dangerous. So it is not a good idea to try that.

But today we have another one, and this one is tested to be safe; it’s called “Mobile Substrate fix” by parrotgeek.

mobile substrate

“Mobile Substrate Fix”, fixes most of the Mobile Substrate problems on iOS 7 for iOS devices. So it is a great temporary solution to your Cydia problems. But I should mention here that Saurik is working on the new version of Mobile Substrate for iOS 7, so you might want to hold back if you do not want to install this package.

But for those who want to fix Mobile Substrate on iOS 7, can head over to Cydia and install this repo: Once you have installed it; search for the “Mobile Substrate Fix” and install it.

Voila! Most of your Mobile Substrate related problems will be fixed.

As mentioned above a new version of Mobile Substrate optimized for iOS 7 is just round the corner, so you might actually want to wait.


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