Untether Jailbreak Apple TV 5.3 Using Seas0nPass 2.4

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Those of you with an Apple TV should rejoice as Seas0nPass has been updated to untether jailbreak Apple TV 5.3. So those of you who were waiting to jailbreak Apple TV on firmware 5.3, can now download SeasonPass (updated version) to untether jailbreak it. The link has been provided below.

Apple TV 5.3 Untether Jailbreak

Firecore, the team behind this untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 5.3 has released the new version of SeasonPass. If you hadn’t already jailbroken, the time is now. This time we have the untether jailbreak for Apple TV on 5.3.

This version of Seas0nPass only jailbreaks Apple TV second generation on 5.3. So those of you who have Apple TV third-generation would still have to wait. Although the good news is that an untether jailbreak for Apple TV 3 is being worked on. Not only that, Evad3rs team is working on an untether jailbreak for Apple TV 6+ firmware.

Apple TVHere is the change log for Seas0nPass 2.4:

  • Added support for untethered Apple TV 5.3.
  • Improved reliability of installation process.
  • Improved diagnostic reporting.
  • Other various fixes and improvements.

Download Seas0nPass 2.4 from the download links below.

Download Seas0nPass for Mac.

Download Seas0nPass for Windows.

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