Download Evasion 1.0.4 To Fix Major Security Bugs (Link)

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s release of Evasion version 1.0.3; we now have another version which has been released. Evad3rs has released Evasion 1.0.4 to fix major security bugs regarding the jailbreak, so it is a very important download. The download link for Evasion 1.0.4 has been provided below, so go ahead and jailbreak your iOS 7 device using Evasion 1.0.4.

Evasion 1.0.4

Today Evasion jailbreak was updated for the fourth time to fix major security holes. These two security loopholes were reported on 12th January, and today Evasion 1.0.4 has been released to fix these security concerns.

Evasion 1.0.4 is an important security update, so those of you who are going to jailbreak their iOS device for the first time, should make sure to download Evasion 1.0.4 and jailbreak it. This version of Evasion also fixes the retina iPad mini boot loop; something which last version of Evasion was reported to fix. Let’s hope this time it brings a complete fix.

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The download link for Evasion 1.0.4 has been provided below, download it from them.

Download Evasion 1.0.4 Mac.

Download Evasion 1.0.4 Windows.

Those of you who have already jailbroken using previous versions of Evasion do no need to download Evasion 1.0.4. A Cydia update to Evasion 7.x untether is now available in Cydia – the version is 0.3. Simply head over to Cydia > Changes. The new version of Evasion untether will be present simply download it to fix these security issues.

if you have any questions regarding Evasion 1.0.4 – leave a comment below.

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  1. hey farhan, ive been waiting for this update on cydia but nothing has been added/ my evasiountetheres package is.3 its a iphone 4s ios 7.0.4

  2. I jst hd jailbroken my ipad retina cellular with evasion v 1.0.4, but im having a problem i am not being able to download any of the tweak from bigboss repo, it says cannot find package…

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