Clarity For iOS 7 Is A Very White WinterBoard Theme

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Another day another theme for iOS 7. This time we have what you might call it a “very white theme” for iOS 7. This new WinterBoard theme gives your iPhone a very white look, which some of you might prefer. If this is the thing for you then go ahead and download Clarity for iOS 7.

It seems Cydia developers are busy working in creating new themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The main thing they are focusing on right now are the icons and their layout.

Almost all the themes we are receiving in Cydia these days have focused on icons, so keeping with the tradition we have another theme that changes the icons on iOS 7.

This new theme for iOS 7 gives your iOS device a makeover by changing the icons and their logos. But the main thing you are going to notice is the white effect. It really is very white.

clarity for iOS 7 clarity for iPhone

Like the previous themes we have reviewed for WinterBoard, Clarity for iOS 7 only changes the icons, nothing more. If you want more functionality in a theme then you have to wait until new and more advanced themes come out, such as Ayecon.

Clarity for iOS 7 is a free WinterBoard theme, so if this is the theme you want. Go ahead and download “Clairty for iOS 7” from the default BigBoss repo.


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