iPhone 6 May Include Solar-Powered Sapphire Glass

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2014 is here and the rumors regarding iPhone 6 are slowly going to pour in. So keeping with the rumors we have a new one and this time it is regarding a solar-powered iPhone 6. Yup folks, you read that right. An iPhone 6 having the ability to charge itself when out in the Sun! Check out the details regarding the solar-powered iPhone 6.

Apple has a deal with GT Advanced Technologies worth $578 million, in which the company is going to supply Apple with Sapphire glass for an up-coming product. This deal is by far one of the largest deals Apple has done related to Sapphire Glass.

Although Apple has not officially said it, but almost everyone knows why Apple wants the Sapphire Glass – this time it is not just for the camera lens but for the entire screen – the entire iPhone 6 screen!

Solar power plant under construction in Germany


Apple is expected to include Sapphire glass for the iPhone 6 and according to one analyst this Sapphire glass is going to include solar cells! These solar cells are going to charge your iPhone when placed in the sunshine, which to be honest would solve some major battery problems the iPhone currently has.

Apple has already filed lots of patents regarding solar-charging, so this might actually make sense.

iPhone 6 concept

But like with most analyst predictions and rumors you should take this with a pinch of salt. In fact it would be very unlikely that Apple would include solar cells in the sapphire crystal for the iPhone 6.

So we might just have to completely ignore this one.


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