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Flappy Bird, an insanely addictive game that has taken the world by storm has received a major update today. The new version of Flappy Bird is out and it brings new improvements. Download the new Flappy Bird for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Download Flappy Bird Update

Flappy Bird, an addictive game that is more than a year old, has recently gone viral. It seems people have recently discovered the game that has been out and been played by quite a lot of people around the world.

Recent stats show that Flappy Bird has been downloaded more than 50 million times, making it one of the most popular games of 2014!

Those of you who have recently discovered this game should be warned that this game is insanely addictive. You are in control of a bird and you tap the screen to make it fly. The pure simplicity of the game makes it so attractive.

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Those of you who are playing Flappy Bird these days and are addicted to it should be happy to know that Flappy Bird has got an update. The update is so far only available to those people who own iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; sorry Android folks, an update will be on its way.

Flappy Bird version 1.2 brings new birds, improved frame rate, and a new UI. It also fixes some bugs that people had been reporting.

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You should note that these new birds are not something completely “new”; it’s the same bird with a different color. Also the UI changes include a new background (new color), and the blocks are now more clear, giving it the retina look.

The developer behind Flappy Bird has gone with the simple look by not adding anything major in the game. Maybe that will change in the future.

Well for now you can enjoy the new Flappy Birds and a new UI. So go ahead and download Flappy Bird!

By the way, what is your highest level on Flappy Bird? Mine’s 38!

Update: The developer behind the game has pulled the plug on Flappy Bird. It is now offline from the App Store and Google Play Store, and you can no longer download the game!

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