How To Play Flappy Bird Game Online For Free

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By now most of you might know that the developer behind Flappy Bird has taken the game offline. The internet is buzzing with “Flappy Bird is dead” and other crazy titles. But it isn’t all over, as you can still play Flappy Bird game online for completely free! Here is how to play Flappy Bird game online.

Play Flappy Bird Online

Flappy Bird game has taken the world by storm. On an average day Flappy Bird game was downloaded somewhere between 2-3 million times on Apple and Google Play Store. Those numbers are just staggering!

That just shows how popular Flappy Bird game was. But unfortunately(?) the game has been taken offline and those people who did not download the game before can’t do so now. The developer has removed the game from the Apple and Google Play Store.

But that isn’t the end, as you can still play Flappy Bird game online for free!

The Flappy Bird game has been embedded for you to play. But as you can see that the game is not similar to the original Flappy Bird game but nonetheless it is a free game so give it a try.

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Since the removal of Flappy Bird game from Apple Store and Google Play Store; both these stores have been bombarded with Flappy Bird clones. Some developers are just using the name “Flappy” to get lots of downloads while others are implementing the same strategy as the original game.

Well are you happy or sad that Flappy Bird game has gone?

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