How To Change Boot Logo For iPhone On iOS 7

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Jailbreaking is one of the ways by which you can customize everything on your iOS device such as the iPhone. Those of you who are looking to change the boot logo on your iPhone can do so now thanks to a Cydia tweak. Check out below on how to change boot logo on iPhone on iOS 7.

Cydia tweaks are probably the best way to make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch look just the way you want it to. You can give your iOS device the ultimate customization.

Well those of you who had been looking for a way to change the boot logo on your iPhone on iOS 7 now have a way, thanks to “SuperHero Bootlogos”.

A new Cydia tweak allows you to change the boot logo to one of your favourite Super heroes!

boot logo iPhone

As you can see from the images above, the boot logos are somewhat cool. The Cydia tweak replaces the Apple logo with the new Super Hero logos. although the new boot logos do look cool but they are somewhat smaller than what you would expect. But nonetheless it gives a unique look to your iPhone.

To change the boot logo on your iPhone, follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone.

Step 2: Download WinterBoard.

Step 3: Add the MacCiti repo.

Step 4: Search for “SuperHero Bootlogos”.

That’s it folks, you will now have a cool new boot logo on your iPhone. Let me know what you think about this new Cydia tweak in the comment section below.

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