Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks To Download In 2014

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Those of you who are looking for some of the best Cydia tweaks have landed at the right place. These Cydia tweaks/apps are going to give your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a complete makeover, so you don’t want to miss them. So lets take a look at the top 10 best Cydia tweaks to download in 2014 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Best Cydia tweaks 2014

It has been quite sometime since the an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 has been released. Developers have been busy in creating some awesome tweaks for you. Some of the tweaks we have reviewed are just “okay” while other Cydia tweaks are the best. But what if you want to know the best of the best? Well that’s why we have this list of the top 10 best Cydia tweaks to download in 2014.

Although we are barely in 2014 but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a list of the best Cydia tweaks. Well without wasting any time check out the best Cydia tweaks in 2014 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch below.

iOS 7 Cydia

10. Mobius Cydia Tweak

Let’s start the number 10 on the list of the “top 10 best Cydia tweaks to download in 2014” with a subtle one. Mobius is a Cydia tweak that allows infinite scroll on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touchs springboard and inside folders.

Those of you who have used infini-scroll before might know about this. You simple download Mobius Cydia tweak and start scrolling – endlessly. There are no options to configure in this one.

You can download Mobius Cydia tweak by adding the repo.

9. AppETA Cydia Tweak

AppETA iPhone

Another great Cydia tweak that you might enjoy is the one called “AppETA”. As the name suggests it allows you to get information regarding your download – which is very cool.

Apple by default does not show any information regarding your download, you can’t even check how much time is remaining; only a vague idea. But thanks to this tweak you get more than what you ask for.

AppETA gives information regarding the download; showing the size; time remaining; speed and name of the developer – which is very cool. You can download AppETA from the default repo for $0.99

8. AptBackup Cydia Tweak

AptBackup is probably the most famous Cydia tweak when it comes to backing up your tweaks. Whenever you lose your jailbreak, you not only lose the ability to get Cydia but with it all those precious Cydia tweaks. But thanks to AptBackup you can save all your Cydia tweaks.

But do note that this does not actually backup all your Cydia tweaks, what it does is backup the list of the Cydia tweaks that were installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Once you jailbreak your device again, you can simple restore those Cydia tweaks, which is quite useful considering if you have many amazing tweaks on your iOS device.

7. WinterBoard Cydia Tweak

Does this even need an introduction? WinterBoard is without a doubt one of those tweaks that you will see on almost every iOS device no matter what firmware it is. If it’s jailbroken; WinterBoard will be in it. Likewise no “best Cydia tweak list” is complete without WinterBoard.

Those of you who are uninitiated with WinterBoard; let me tell you in very simple words. WinterBoard is the ultimate themeing platform for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Almost all major themes for your iOS device will require WinterBoard. So go ahead and download WinterBoard from the default repos as it is free.

6. Fancy Cydia Tweak

fancy iPhone

If you are on iOS 7, which you probably are, then you might have heard about this new Cydia tweak called Fancy. It is the ultimate coloring tweak for your iOS device and it definitely deserves to be on the list of the top 10 best Cydia tweaks to download in 2014.

Fancy allows you to change the colors of different part of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Change the colors of the keyboard, Notification Center and much more using the Fancy Cydia tweak. You can set different levels of tint and texture for it.

You can download Fancy Cydia tweak for $0.99 from the ModMyi repo.

5. CCControls Cydia Tweak

iOS 7 brings in the Control Center from where you can control some of the important parts of your iOS device. But it does lack a few things. By default your only given five options but sometimes you want more than that. And these five options are default too, you can’t change them.


Thanks to this new tweak called CCControls you can fully customize the Control Center according to your liking. You can set more than five options for toggling on/off and set how the buttons appear on it. You can also select different themes for your Control Center and set restrictions whether it should appear on the lock screen or not.

CCControls is the ultimate Cydia tweak for the Control Center. So go ahead and download CCControls as it is completely free!

4. GuestMode Cydia Tweak

Almost every computer has this feature so why didn’t anyone think about a guest mode for a mobile device before? Well worry not people as thanks to jailbreaking we now have that feature. GuestMode Cydia tweak adds the “guest mode” functionality to your iPhone!

Once you install this amazing tweak you get a guest icon on your lock screen. Now you can give your iPhone to others and they can tap on it and check it out. But the interesting part is that can’t really use any function inside the iPhone unless you allow it to.

Guest Mode iPhone

In the settings panel for the Guest Mode Cydia tweak, you set which apps and functions can a guest use on your iPhone – which is extremely useful. This tweak gives you tons of options by which you can set preferences for the guest who are using your iPhone.

This tweak will be pretty useful for those people who reguarly get asked “can I check your iPhone”. Well if you are one of these people then head over to Cydia and download GuestMode Cydia tweak for $0.99.

3. iTransmission 4 Cydia Tweak

A list of the best Cydia tweaks to download is incomplete without a Cydia tweak that allows you to download torrents. iTransmission 4 is the ultimate BitTorrent client for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on iOS 7.

Those of you who have downloaded torrents before would know about iTransmission; it is the best way to get torrents on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iTransmission torrents


How to download torrents on iTransmission 4

iTransmission 4 is the Cydia tweak that has been updated for iOS 7 and given a new sleek look. You get the ability to download torrents via the web, direct URL’s or use magnet links; whichever one you prefer.

iTransmission 4 is a must-have Cydia tweak for those torrent freaks. It is available in the default repos and is free so go ahead and download it.

2. Cylinder Cydia Tweak

Cylinder is one of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 when it comes to giving your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch new scrolling animations. Scroll animations have been synonymous with Barrel, a legendary Cydia tweak that has been with us through the entire jailbreaking history. But it now has a serious competition from this new little handy tweak called Cylinder.

Cylinder iPhone

Those of you who have used Barrel would find this tweak very similar, in fact it is a clone of the most famous tweak even according to the developer behind it. So why include Cylinder and not Barrel in the list of the top 10 best Cydia tweaks for 2014? Well the answer is somewhat surprising and great.

You can now make your own animations using Cylinder!

Those of you with a bit of programming language (Lua) can make some super cool effects using Cylinder, and because of that it now opens the door to many possibilities. By default you are given six options for animations and one that puts random effects – which is somewhat cool. You can download Cylinder by adding the

1. Springtomize 3 Cydia Tweak

The ultimate tweak for customization, probably the (current) best Cydia tweak for iOS 7 and one that is going to reign champion for quite sometime is here. Springtomize 3 tops the list of the top 10 best Cydia tweaks to download in 2014.

Springtomize 3 is one of the best Cydia tweaks you can download now for your iPhone on iOS 7. It provides complete functionality to change almost every aspect of your iOS device.

Springtomize 3

You can customize: icons, animations, app slide, control center, docks, folders, pages, status bar and much more. It is basically multiple Cydia tweaks combined to give you one awesome way to make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch look super cool.

You can download Springtomize 3 for $2.99 from the BigBoss repo.

Well folks those were the top 10 best Cydia tweaks to download in 2014. Let me know which one is your favourite by commenting below.

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