Download Evasion 1.0.6 To Untether Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6

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Evasion untether jailbreak has finally been updated for iOS 7.0.6. Those of you who have updated to the latest version of Apple’s mobile system can now easily jailbreak their iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs. So go ahead and download Evasion 1.0.6 from the download link below for Windows and Mac.

Download Evasion 1.0.6

Apple, a couple of days ago released iOS 7.0.6 for all iOS devices. They mentioned that it fixed a major security bug relating to SSL connection verification; those of you who are not tech savvy, let me tell you that this is a major security loophole from Apple’s side. The knowledge of this breach of security was made public even before the fix. So those of you who have not updated to iOS 7.0.6, should do so immediately if you have any important information on your iOS devices such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc.

Those of you who were hesitant to upgrade should be happy to know that, team Evad3rs today updated the Evasion jailbreak tool for iOS devices running iOS 7.0.6.



We yesterday posted a guide for those of you who wanted to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 before the official release. Those of you who used that guide to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 do not need to download this version of Evasion.

But those of you who have not jailbroken their iOS devices should download Evasion 1.0.6 and jailbreak it.

Download Evasion 1.0.6 Mac.

Download Evasion 1.0.6 Windows.

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