iOS 7.1 Decreases Battery Life: Has It Affected You?

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By now millions of people around the world have downloaded and installed iOS 7.1 on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 7.1 brings in some much-needed improvements: speed being one of them. iOS 7.1 increases everything – including your battery drain!

iOS 7.1 Battery Problem

Apple released iOS 7.1 to the general public on 10 March, as soon as it hit the “software update” portion on an iOS device. People flooded Apple servers to download the latest build. After all the betas had been providing us some info on what to expect.

Although iOS 7.1 does not offer major UI changes but what it does offer is the speed improvements. When iOS 7 was released, many people, especially those who had older devices, experienced a major decrease in speed. Many people complained saying it was Apple’s plan to make older iOS devices obsolete.

Well to change that Apple released iOS 7.1. But with it comes a new problem; battery drain.

battery life iOS 7.1As you can see from the image above (and various complains on Twitter), iOS 7.1 decreases battery life, although not on every iOS product.

As iOS 7.1 does not bring major changes, therefore it shouldn’t technically drain your battery but many people seem to face this problem.

Are you one of these people who are facing battery problems on iOS 7.1? Drop a comment below to let us know.

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3 Comments to iOS 7.1 Decreases Battery Life: Has It Affected You?

  1. I have iphone 4. I upgraded from 7.0.6 to 7.1 in an effort to get darker background on my text and email pages. That was a bust and now I will have to wait for a jailbreak. My battery is not experiencing the drain some describe. I would like to know if anyone has figured out how to darken those stark white pages.


  2. i am using iphone 5 and the battery drops every 30 is very annoying…since i dont need to charge my phone very often but now :$ it sucks…and i am looking for a way to restore ios there any way?

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