iOS 8 Beta On iPhone 5S Gets Leaked (Images)

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We might still have quite a lot of time since Apple unveils iOS 8 but that hasn’t stopped some juicy details regarding Apple’s next-gen firmware from being leaked. Today, we have what seems to be the first leaked picture of an iPhone running iOS 8 beta. Check out the details regarding the iOS 8 beta on an iPhone 5S below.

iOS 8 Beta

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 beta this World Wide Developer Conference, which is going to start on 2nd June. Although no major details have been leaked, but many are speculating that Apple will unveil some features relating to the iWatch – Apple’s rumoured smartwatch.

Today we have some interesting screenshots of what could be iOS 8. But like all rumours you shouldn’t take them too seriously until Apple confirms it.

Here are some of the screen shots of iOS 8:

iOS 8 beta

As you can see from the images, iOS 8 beta has some new apps on it. These are: Preview, TextEdit, tips, iTunes Radio, healthbook and a complete new one called Watch Utility.

We had seen the Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit before, but the Watch Utility is a complete new one.

iOS 8 iPad

It seems Apple will unveil something new regarding the iWatch. Although we might not get to see the iWatch product itself, but the Healthbook, and iWatch Utility apps might give us a glimpse.

iOS 8 iPhone 5S


Like with all rumours, you should take this with a pinch of salt. Although these pictures might have leaked iOS 8 beta, but nothing can be confirmed yet. It is very likely that these pictures turn out to be fake, so don’t hold your breath.

Well what are your thoughts on these leaked pictures of iOS 8 beta?

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