How To Change Apple ID Password Without Security Question

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Those of you who have an iOS device: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, would know the importance of an Apple ID. It’s basically your first step towards the Apple world. But what if your password gets leaked and you want to change it but you don’t remember the security questions. Well I have the solution for you. Here is how to change Apple ID password without security questions.

Change Apple ID Password

If you have ever wanted to change the Apple ID password or the iCloud password you would know that it asks you some security questions before you actually proceed to change it. But many of us don’t quite remember the answers to those questions; so in this case what should we do? Well there is a way for you to change the Apple ID/iCloud password without the need for answering the security questions.

There are two ways for you to change password without security questions for your Apple ID. Choose whichever method you prefer.

Rescue email address:

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Click on the “Manage account”.

Step 3: Once signed in, click on the Password & Security.

Step 4: If you don’t remember the security questions, you can choose to send an email to your rescue email address to reset the security questions. Once that is done, you can enter the new security question answers and you can easily change the password.

Note: If the option for sending security questions to rescue email address does not appear to you, the follow the method mentioned below.


Apple ID Security Question

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Now click on the iTunes icon.

iTunes ID

Step 3: Now click on the iTunes Store.

iTunes store

Step 4: Click on the “Account Management”.

iTunes account management

Step 5: Now click on the “Forgotten Apple ID security questions”. This will further connect you to an Apple representative or it will give you the ability to schedule and appointment for a call. Select whichever one suits you.

iTunes security question

The Apple staff will guide you in resetting your Apple ID security questions and then you will be able to change your password.

If you have any question, then leave a comment below.

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8 Comments to How To Change Apple ID Password Without Security Question

  1. My boyfriebd gave me his iphone 5s. I wiped the phone, he doesn’t remember his icloud password nor the answers to the security questions and he doesn’t have a recovery email address. He knows his ID but bit the password! And now the phone is of no use to me. Please help.

  2. My Apple ID locked for security reason, i can’t log in even with correct password.
    Forgot the answer for security question.
    Don’t remember did I verify rescue email ( i found Apple sent a email to my main email for verify but I can’t see option at iforgot for sent to rescue email, because my main email is gmail and the option sent a mail is @icloud)
    If I contact apple support will they ask any purchase receipt? Because I never have one. ( even my iPad I also lost the receipt)

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