Gold, Silver & Gray iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked!

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We are getting barraged by leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 on a daily basis. After yesterday’s major leak, today we have another leak regarding the next-gen iPhone. Gold, silver and gray iPhone 6 picture has been leaked. Check out the leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 below.

These leaked images of the iPhone 6 show similar things we have seen in many previous rumours. But this is the first time we have seen pictures of what looks like the gold version of the iPhone 6. Also on the list are silver, and gray.

These leaked images of the iPhone 6 have been obtained by 9to5mac, which has a good track record when it comes to Apple leaks.

gold iPhone 6 front

The above picture shows the front panel of the iPhone 6. It also features the gold/yellow coloured ring that yesterday’s leak had too. Although these pictures depict the iPhone 6 but like previous leaks, these are only dummy models.

The real iPhone 6 might look completely different.

iPhone 6 back gold

The odd thing about these dummy models of the iPhone 6 is the cut-out camera. Although Apple is expected to upgrade the camera but these upgrades are only in image-stabilization not a complete overhaul.

Well like all rumours and leaks, you should take this with a pinch of salt. Nothing is really confirmed until Apple itself confirms it.


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  1. I dont think this are the “reals” iPhones 6, those phones looks so cheap, and Apple has really high quality phones, other thing is that those only have 1 Led Flash, i dont think Apple will come back to 1 LedFlash even knowing that the 2 tone led is working perfectly….

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