How To Fix iOS 7.1 Pangu Jailbreak Problems

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By now most of you would have heard about the new jailbreaking tool called Pangu. Many of you might have already jailbroken your iOS device using that but if you are facing problems after jailbreaking with Pangu here is a bit of help for you. Here is how to fix iOS 7.1 Pangu jailbreak problems and errors.

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Problems

It seems some of you are facing problems during the jailbreak and even after jailbreaking your iOS device using Pangu. If you are one of these people, then make sure you read this entire article.

Pangu untethered jailbreak was released out-of-the-blue, nobody expected it and initially many thought it was fake. After all the entire thing was in Chinese which most people couldn’t read. Well it now has been confirmed that Pangu is indeed a real working jailbreak.

Pangu jailbreak

But like with most jailbreaks people are facing problems, such as apps crashing, icons disappearing and much more. But unlike other jailbreaks, Pangu’s problems and errors have been identified – the problem lies with PPSync.

I have already written about PPSync previously, if you would like, I suggest you read that post, it gives you a more detailed look on the PPSync. But if you directly want to jump in and solve the iOS 7.1 jailbreak problems, go ahead.

The first thing you should do while trying to jailbreak using Pangu is uncheck the box which has been circled below in the image. But if you had already jailbroken and had this box as ticked the follow the guide below.

Pangu uncheck

The thing you should know about PPSync is, it’s basically an alternate to AppSync but unlike it, it has been poorly written, causing many system apps to crash and overall giving a negative user experience.

To fix your iOS 7.1 Pangu jailbreak problems and errors, simply follow the guide below which will help you remove PPSync.

Step 1: Add the following repo on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

Step 2: Install ‘Complete PPSync Remove from Cydia.

Step 3: Now remove PPStore from Cydia.

Step 4: Go to Settings > General > Profiles and remove the 25pp certificate.

Step 5: Reboot.

That’s basically it! Most of your problems and errors regarding the iOS 7.1 jailbreak using Pangu should be fixed. If you want you can remove the ‘PPSync remover’.

As always if you have any question, simply leave a comment below and I will get to you.

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76 Comments to How To Fix iOS 7.1 Pangu Jailbreak Problems

  1. iPhone 4 ios 7.1.1 keeps reloading after turning device off (meaning: stuck at apple loophole). Is it semi tethered?

  2. Do you have any idea why i after installing the jailbreak cannot open safari,mails, and some apps? 🙂

    • This is what worked for me:
      Run the following commands in a console/terminal session:
      rm -f /User/Library/Caches/
      rm -f /User/Library/Caches/*.csstore
      Hold the Home and Lock buttons down for a few seconds until your device forcefully shuts down. A normal reboot will NOT work!
      Good luck! 🙂

      • I can’t install Apps from cydia, that change something in the system. Apps and Tweaks like Activator, don’t really funtion.
        My Mail, Safari and Calculator App always crashes.

        It all worked fine, I rebooted some times, all good. Until the first time my battery got empty.

        In the past I had similar Problems (no working cydia tweaks after rebooting) with an untethered jailbreak of iOS 5, later the same with iOS6.
        not so cool, but I could reboot with redsn0w, then all worked.

        But what to do with Pangu?

    • Tyler Testing Services

      you removed the package Pangu Untether Jailbreak 7.1.x and that makes it semi untethered. unless your using the iphone 5 or below you will have to perform a full restore from dfu mode. But if you have the iphone 5 or below you can use redsn0w (The latest version) to do a boot. I recommend doing a full restore than re-jailbreaking . NOTE: it might be a tweak you installed that said when you installed it “Remove: Pangu Untether Jailbrak 7.1.x” package.
      Hope this helps

    • Same here with my girlfriends 32g iPhone 4s. She has tons of photos of me and her and I don’t have the option to restore it. I tried the light trick but it didn’t work

  3. I already uncheck the box listed but unfortunately I have some cydia twinks installed but no icons is appeared… I hope this problem will be fixed soon…

    • Switch off your device ( first hold your power button for eta 3-5 sec then home button until your device switch off ) after this, hold down home button again for 3-5 sec and connect it into iTunes. Then click on recovery button in iTunes ( device will restore to latest iOS ) and your device become alive ^^

  4. Hello.. Good news
    “CyDelet ” is Ok
    Désoler je suis français j’ai pas plus de vocabulaire anglais.
    Avec cydelet j’ai pue supprimé l’icon respring qui est apparu aprés et depuis tout refonctionne trés bien.
    Bon courage a vous

  5. after jailbreaking the ipad i restore the backup from itunes then 🙁 cydia disappeared. I tried to jailbreak again but all failed what to do ?!

  6. I jailbroke my iPhone 4S today and it was working perfectly fine. I just synced some music from itunes to my phone and now cydia and some of my other apps are gone. I can search for the apps, but the app won’t open, a message pops up saying “unsupported URL”. Can someone please tell me how I can fix this because I cant see my messages or even call anyone.

  7. Sam Daniel

    I’m Annoyed. Ever since the Jailbreak which everything worked fine, I Just came to notice Youtube doesn’t work at all, Not via Safari, Not via the official Youtube app, Not via other Tube-related-apps.. Just won’t load videos at all. And i checked on my Dad’s iPhone, Same problem. Check on my iPad 4 (All Jailbroken using Pangu v1.1) Same problem. Youtube Videos won’t load at all, All i’ve noticed was youtube videos not working, Maybe other tubes as well.

    Anyone else facing this issue? And ANY help please? i’m frustrated. Tried googling around, Looks like i’m alone on this :\

  8. I used pangu version 1.1.0 the new english version yesturday to jailbreak a iphone 4s. cydia works great, everything working well, untill i tried going to appstore and downloading my purchased appstore apps onto the phone after having them deleted in the restore process i did before jailbreaking it. As soon as I hit download and the app starts downloading my springboard crashes. when restarting it, it come back with the crash error. installed the complete ppsym removal in cydia, rebooted and still crashes

  9. I have an iphone 4s with 7.1.2, and I can’t get pangu to work with it. It works fine, opens, syncs, etc, until the first reboot and then suddenly my phone’s date switches back to today’s date and Cydia never loads. Weirdest part is that Pangu still says done! as if it’s been successful

  10. after my iphone 4 reboot finish it call me open the phone and nothing happen and it wrote it wait too long and fail.. and many of my apps gone and not jailbroken yet

  11. after i jailbroke it, i went into cydia, downloaded a pack thing, but while it was downloading, cydia crashed, then my ipod screen went black. what the hell do i do? it’s the only form of communication i have with any of my friends and family. help please

  12. After I jailbreaking my ipad ,I could not open my cydia, after that I tried to reboot my ipad but some of my icons disappear . What do I do now 🙁

  13. Chad Abizeid

    Hey folks,

    Jailbroken using Pangu 1.2.1 on 7.1.2 iOS. My sprinboard crashes constantly and not sure why. I have very few Cydia apps running, even removed Alkaline (thinking this was the culprit according to other posts). That wasn’t it. Any ideas?

  14. Chad Abizeid

    Also, “Step 4: Go to Settings > General > Profiles and remove the 25pp certificate.” Profiles doesn’t exist in my settings > General area.

  15. my iphone 4s was jailbroken and the springboard crashed so I tried restarting/resetting it and it wont turn back on. its been like this for a couple days now and I need to fix it ASAP. I tried letting it die, I tried leaving it on the charger, I tried plugging it into iTunes. Im out of thoughts. I need help and responded too ASAP!

  16. Hey guys, I’ve downloaded pangu early on my iphone 4 and now a couple of apps are missing including cydia. What should I do ?

  17. My internet not working after the Pangu jailbreak. iPad 4. iOS 7.1.1. Wifi signals are there but can’t seem to connect to the internet. Other non jail broken devices working fine. IP address also 192 which mean I’m connected not 168. What do I do?

  18. I was unable to get it to work for normal use. But when ever I need it I just run safe mode (useing CCControls) watch what ever videos then restart the spring board to return to normal.

  19. how to restore data with cydia icon, i already jailbroken my ipad mini with pangu problem is after restoring my data cydia keeps disapperating

  20. Hey!
    I jailbroke my iphone usng pangu 7.1.. ITs was working just fine when suddenly I can’t open anything.. literallly NOTHING. I could only unlock my iphone 4 and reply to notifications if they appear on lockscreen, but I cant open any app. How can I fix it using pc because it wouldnt restore, apple wants me to turn off find my iphone, which is only possible if I open settings.
    Please reply ASAP.

  21. my phone deosnt even turn on, the apple symboljust keeps comingup on the screen but the phone wont turn on

  22. Thank you so much!!! I cant download any apps from app store before this then this solution completely fix it!! Thanks!!

  23. when i unlock my iphone it shows the apple logo and crashes…. anyone know how to fix it without resetting the iphone?

  24. i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 and i have already installed cydia but by fault i deleted a source and cydia disappeared and when i am trying to reinstall it it says that it is already jailbroken.what i have to do?

  25. i have finished jailbreaking my iphone.
    After that when i switch on the screen and swipe to unlock the icons are missing and the OS crashes i mean the iphone restarts .im unable to see even the icons.
    Can anyone please help me in this regard..

  26. All my apps are gone on my iPhone 4 even settings and cydia I can only see the apps downloaded when I use iphone search plz help me

  27. Samit Dongol

    After installing “Complete PPSync Remove from Cydia.”
    how do i remove PPStore now??
    And there isn’t any 25pp certificate. in profile menu

    and also now my facebook messanger apps has started crashing

    Pls Help

  28. The terminal solution works for the mail crashing… Just make sure you do the hard reboot….

    Thanks, awesome fix…

  29. i m using iphone 4 i installed cydia via pangu 8-9 months ago.
    i installed a tweek name status hud while using it my iphone got crashed now it goes in safe mode and i am not able to open cydia. and it is not connected to pc.It is also charging when it is switched off.
    it is in safe mode cant able to exit it from safe mode coz cydia is not opening nor it is connected to my pc.
    Please guys i requested u to help me and gave me a solution for this problem.

  30. I have jail broken my iphone 4 with pangu and i can now not connect to the internet so cant do anything with cydia please help me

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