How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Compatible With Android Wear

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Most of you will know by now that Google has launched Android L alongside Android Wear: the search engine’s step towards wearable devices. But does your smartphone support Android wear? Well there is a way for you to check if your device is compatible with the new Android wear and whether it can be used to connect with the new smart watches. So here’s how to check for Android Wear compatibility.

Android Wear Compatibility

Google has launched Android Wear, the operating system for wearable devices; which include smart watches so far. The preview we got at the Google I/O as left many people in surprise. It’s not very complicated or feature-rich but it gets the job done – Google has gone after simplicity.

Google announced that you can currently buy two smart watches: Samsung Galaxy Gear Live and LG G smartwatch. Both of these devices have to be connected to your Android phone for it to work, otherwise they are basically expensive toys.

Well you need Android version 4.3 and above for you to be able to use Android Wear-enabled smart watches.

Android wear

If you don’t know what Android version you are on, or still not sure, you can head over to on your smartphone and check whether your device is compatible or not.

Right now according to Google only 1/4 of all Android smartphones are compatible with Android Wear, so you might want to check if you are on the list or not.

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