iMods A New Store For Jailbroken iOS Devices (Cydia Alternative)

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When you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the thing you install with it, is a store called Cydia. But soon you will be getting something else with it too. A new store is in the works and from the first looks at it – it looks amazing! iMods is the name of this store and it doesn’t just wants to be called a Cydia alternative. it wants to rebrand jailbreaking! Check out the details regarding iMods – a Cydia alternative store.

iMods Store

From a very long time, jailbreaking has been synonymous with the Cydia store. Whenever you jailbreak your iOS device, that is the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch, Cydia is automatically downloaded. Some people think jailbreaking is just getting Cydia on your iOS device but it is much more than that. So a team of developers have set out to change this mindset and to change jailbreaking forever.

Enter iMods. A new kind of store and aimed at a very different audience.

Unlike Cydia which is a bit aimed towards the tech savvy audience of the iOS world. iMods is more focused on getting those non-tech savvy people. It plans to get the rest of the world towards customizing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iMods jailbreak

Today we have got a first look at how iMods is going to look like on iPhone, and to be honest it looks pretty great. As it has been aimed towards non-tech savvy people, the developers behind this have spent quite a lot of time on the UI on iMods.

The team behind iMods has mentioned that they have been working on this store for around three months and a lot has been completed. The back-end has almost been completed but still a lot of work remains to be done.

iMods Barrel

iMods store preview.

iMods list

iMods has taken a lot of features from the Apple’s App Store. It features ‘Top Paid’, ‘Top Free’ and a lot of others including Apple’s famous featured apps.

As you can see from the images, the whole design looks sleek and stylish.

iMods store

Right now a lot is not known about iMods. Except that the developers have mentioned that they will be providing the iMods to a selected few beta testers. On a note regarding the official release of iMods, one of the developers mentioned that it will be publicly launched once iOS 8 is available to the public.

Also on another note, they mentioned that you will be able to download iMods once the iOS 8 jailbreak is here – which is a long time from now.

One thing is for sure and that is, it is definitely great to see another store; which means more competition; which in turn benefits the people who are going to be jailbreaking iOS devices.

Once iMods is released, we will see how many non-tech savvy users it brings in.

What are your thoughts regarding the new iMods store? Drop a comment below.

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    There is other apps you can download and install as without jailbreak too
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      And install unjailbreaken app on that way you will have vshare and all yours

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    Yes go to this web
    And install unjailbreaken on that way you will have vshare app
    And all yours
    If you want video I can do that too
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