Cydia’s BigBoss Repo Gets Hacked!

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Cydia’s largest and default repo: BigBoss, has been apparently hacked by an unknown individual or individuals. The hack to one of Cydia’s largest repos is definitely going to sound alarming to many people, as the person or team behind this had a motive – bringing out the competition. Check out the details regarding the hacking of BigBoss repo.

BigBoss Repo Hacked

Cydia, the store that is installed by default once you jailbreak an iOS device is going to face some stiff competition. A new store is in the makes and is going to be released once iOS 8 is launched to the public, it’s called iMods.

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Once iMods got in the news, Jay Freeman came out and defended Cydia and its works. It got a lot of attention, but it seems that some people were not happy with that. So they wanted to take-on Cydia. They hackers behind this have gone after BigBoss, the largest repository of Cydia tweaks.


The hacker(s) went after all packages on BigBoss including both paid and free ones. They breached the BigBoss database and made it available for anyone to download.

The people who are behind this hack also created another repo by the name of ripBigBoss and have uploaded all the content on it – which is illegal.

Right now not a lot is known about the hacker or hackers. As a precaution it is better to avoid the BigBoss repo until the man behind the repo (0ptimo) gets things back to normal.

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