People Will Buy iWatch No Matter How It Looks (Video)

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When it comes to brand loyalty, Apple is the number one company. People would buy anything it sells, this can be seen very clearly in the video below. At the Jimmy Kimmel show, people on the street were asked what they thought about the iWatch: they were shown a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo on it. Check out below on what their reaction was.

Apple has a very large following no doubt, whatever product they release it’s going to be huge, whether it’s the next iPhone or the next OS X. Apple has almost a guaranteed success rate.

iWatch concept

When people were told that Apple has released an iWatch and they showed them how it looked like, people loved it. Even though it was a $20 Casio watch.

Most of the people straight-away just said that they would buy it because it’s from Apple. Check out the video below.

As you can see people are sometimes just blind followers without even thinking what product is being released. It seems Apple has the largest “sheep”.

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