How To Stop iPhone From Randomly Shutting Down

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Some people are reporting that their iPhone is randomly shutting down and it won’t start again. Although it is not a wide-spread problem but it is a problem nonetheless. So if you are facing this problem on your iPhone, I have a few solutions for you. Check out below on how to stop iPhone from randomly shutting down.

Fix iPhone Shutting Down Problem

iPhone is a great smartphone when it comes to reliability but even the best sometimes have hard days. Some people have been facing problems on the iPhone: the iPhone randomly shuts down even when the battery is not depleted and sometimes it wont restart.

The following are some of the solutions to fixing iPhone from randomly shutting down.

1. This would be kind of no-brainer, as it common sense. Sometimes your iPhone will shut down because the battery is dead. Even though you might think that you have charged your iPhone, but sometimes it is better to turn on the battery percentage to give yourself an idea on how much the battery is reaming. Simple.

2. Sometimes the problems rise because you are on a previous version – not the latest. Head over to settings > General > Software update and update to the latest version. Being on the latest version makes sure that all systems are up to date. If this doesn’t fix your problem read ahead.

iPhone 4S problems

3. If the above solutions don’t fix your iPhone we need to try this small but effective method. A hard reset. Make sure your iPhone isn’t connected to a computer.

  • Hold home button and power for 10 seconds.
  • Wait until Apple logo appears.
  • Now let it reset.

This should fix most of the problems on your iPhone including it randomly turning off.

4. The final one is the last and final solution. If all else fails this is the method you want to try. A complete restore. Restoring an iPhone will make it reset to the factory settings and all your data would be gone. But don’t worry as you can back it up to a data you have saved.

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • Now click on the restore button.
  • Let it download the latest version and it will start extracting the data and start restoring your iPhone.
  • Let the process continue until it is finished.
  • You can either set it up as new or restore from a data.

The final restoring process will fix almost every problem on your iPhone, so this is bound to work. But even after restoring the problem persists, then there is a hardware problem maybe a defective battery. Head over to Apple store and get your iPhone fixed there.

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