Download iTunes 11.3.1 To Fix Podcast Related Bugs

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Apple has just now released iTunes 11.3.1 which brings in some important bug fixes. If you are a regular user of podcasts then this update is definitely for you. Download iTunes 11.3.1 to fix bugs relating to podcast. Details regarding iTunes 11.3.1 below.

If you had been facing problems on iTunes specifically while listening to podcasts then you were not alone as Apple has acknowledged the problem and has brought out a fix in this version of iTunes. iTunes 11.3.1 brings fixes regarding podcast bugs.

Here is the change log of iTunes 11.3.1:

iTunes 11.3.1 addresses a problem where subscribed podcasts may stop updating with new episodes and resolves an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive while browsing your podcasts episodes in a list.

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So folks go ahead and download iTunes 11.3.1 to fix those bugs relating to podcasts.

If you have a question regarding problems on iTunes then leave a comment below.

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