Apple Will Launch iWatch Next Month!

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If there wasn’t enough proof that Apple was going to launch the iWatch in September, then here you have one more. This time it is from a very reliable source, in fact you can just say that it has almost been confirmed. John Gruber of Daring fireball has confirmed Apple will launch iWatch next month.

iWatch September

Reports that Apple is working on an iWatch have been coming from a very long time. So long in fact that people were speculating a watch from Apple when it launched the iPod nano – that’s a very long time ago.

The reports turned to leaks and then today we might just have a confirmation.

If you have been following the tech news for a long time then you would know one name when it comes to Apple related ‘confirmations’: John Gruber. A well-known person in the Apple-sphere.

iWatch screens

Regarding a news relating to the Moto 360’s design. The famous Apple geek had to say this:

The only way this could get funnier would be if it [Moto 360] doesn’t even ship until after Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month.

As you can see from the above comment, Apple is going to launch a wearable device, although the word iWatch hasn’t been coined yet.

When it comes to Apple product release dates, John Gruber is the man. So I’m pretty confident that Apple is going to launch iWatch in September.

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