Download Pangu 1.2 Jailbreak To Fix Bugs & Problems

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Pangu team has just updated their jailbreaking tool for Mac and Windows. Pangu 1.2 is available and will fix most of your bugs and other problems relating to jailbreaking the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So go ahead and download Pangu 1.2 to fix bugs and untether jailbreak your iOS device.

Download Pangu 1.2

Pangu can be called as the “unexpected jailbreak“, as nobody had an idea that a jailbreaking tool would be released for iOS 7.1.x, as iOS 8 was already unveiled to developers. But nonetheless, Pangu was released publicly giving the people the chance to jailbreak their iOS devices again.

Some people had been facing problems while using Pangu, these problems included: boot loop bug, notification jailbreak fail and some other minor ones. Well, if you had been facing problems while trying to jailbreak with Pangu, then I have a good news for you.

Pangu 1.2 jailbreak is out to fix most of the bugs, which caused you to not be able to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Pangu 1.2 jailbreak fixes the following bugs and problems:

  • Fix boot loop bug for some iPhone 4/4s.
  • Fix sandbox log issue.
  • afc2 is included now.
  • Add patch for task_for_pid.
  • Add notification if jailbreak fail.

So those of you, especially those people who faced the boot loop problem should download Pangu 1.2 and jailbreak their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 7.1.x.

Download Pangu 1.2 Jailbreak Mac.

Download Pangu 1.2 Jailbreak Windows.

If you are still facing any problems while trying to jailbreak using Pangu 1.2 then leave a comment below.

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1 Comment to Download Pangu 1.2 Jailbreak To Fix Bugs & Problems

  1. Booty watcher

    This really did come out of the blue. Love it but I do get some minor annoyances, like when trying to install a cydia tweak, I’ll get the message that the package couldn’t be found and that I have to clear the installation, but clicking clear doesn’t do anything. A reboot of the phone does resolve this, but moves me onto the next issue. The phone takes a long ass time to reboot. I get the Apple logo for the duration it would usually take a non JB device to reboot, then this slowly fades away, comes back and this happens like 3 times in a row before the phone turns on. Not the end of the world but I just wanted to post this just in case anyone else has the same issues.

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