China Telecom Officially Leaks The iPhone 6

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If you see an iPhone 6 image on the internet, I think you would easily recognize whether if it is the real device or not, even though Apple has not confirmed it yet. It seems we almost have a confirmation today and this time it is from the telecom giant: China Telecom, the world’s largest carrier.

In a bid to advertise that China Telecom will officially sell unlocked iPhone 6, it fully leaked the entire device, posting a picture of it saying “iPhone 6 Even Better”.

As you can see from the picture posted below by China Telecom, this is the exact iPhone 6 we have been seeing for a very long time. This just confirms it that this is how the iPhone 6 is going to look like.

iPhone 6 China telecom

By now we pretty much know everything there is to know about the iPhone 6. If Apple comes with something completely different or unheard of, I would definitely be surprised.

But for now, this is what you should expect.

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  1. its noy the real deal, its a concept created in june by Tomas Moyano and Nicholas Aichino. Search the web and you shall find the rest of the gallery they created, not Apple

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