Fresh Pictures Of The New iPhone 6 Leaked

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We are about two weeks away from the big event, the day Apple unveils the iPhone 6. As we are so close to the release date, we are getting bombarded with leaks and rumours. So keeping with that tradition, we have fresh pictures of the new iPhone 6. Care to see some?

These new pictures of the iPhone 6, which have been posted below shows the protruding camera and compares it to the iPhone 5S.

As you can see from the pictures (we have seen them before), the iPhone 6 is much thinner compared to the previous one. No surprise there considering Apple is obsessed with creating smartphones that are thinner. Apple might just go for the world’s thinnest smartphone this year.

new iPhone 6

iPhone 6 curve

iPhone 6 long

iPhone 6 thin

The only thing you might find “weird” is that the camera on the iPhone 6 protrudes, something which seems very un-Apple-y. The whole protruding thing makes the entire smartphone look ugly.

To be honest, by looking at all the pictures of the iPhone 6, I still find the iPhone 5s better looking than the iPhone 6. But we still are not sure if this is exactly how the device will look like. Although it is quite certain.

Well wait two more weeks and we find out.

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