(BREAKING) Apple Officially Confirms Event For September 9!

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As I mentioned yesterday saying Apple should send out invites for their event any day now; well, they finally have. Apple has just sent out the invites for their mega event for September 9! Check out the details regarding the September 9 event below.

Apple September 9

We had been talking about the iPhone event for quite sometime now, although there was no word from Apple, but we all know it was about the iPhone 6.

Apple has confirmed the event for September 9 by simply saying “wish we could say more”. Needless to say, this event is going to be all about the iPhone 6.

September 9 Apple

Although a major portion of the keynote would be about the iPhone 6, but iWatch is expected to debut too alongside the new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

We are very excited for the event. The official countdown has started!

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