You Can Preorder The iPhone 6 Now!

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Well if you had been thinking about buying the iPhone 6, then some of you might actually get the device early, especially those of you who currently use the China Mobile. The largest carrier in the world has already started taking preorders for the iPhone 6! Yup folks, you read that right.

iPhone 6 Preorder

China Mobile is currently the world’s largest carrier in the world, a subscriber base with well over half a billion users. So it makes sense to announce that they are going to get the iPhone 6 before other carriers. And, that is exactly what it has done.

China Mobile has started taking preorders for the iPhone 6 – starting today. But the program for the pre-ordering of the iPhone 6 is only available in Beijing. So that leaves a lot of people out.

But that hasn’t stopped people from pre-ordering the device. So far the iPhone 6 preorder program has attracted 33,000 people – which is a lot!

iPhone 6 grass

One interesting aspect that comes out is that China Mobile asks users to either preorder the 4.7″ or the 5.5″ iPhone 6. Confirming the rumours of two large iPhones.

Apple is going to announce the iPhone 6 on September 9, and we simply can’t wait anymore!

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