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Apple’s keynote today brought out some great products and for the first time ever we got to see the iWatch. But what Apple didn’t mention is that the iOS 8 GM version is available to developers and we have the links. So folks, go ahead and download iOS 8 GM links for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download iOS 8 GM

Apple has mentioned that iOS 8 will be available to the public on September 17, that is the day, all of you will be able to download and install iOS 8. But just before the public release, Apple pushes a GM (Gold Master) version to developers, as a final way to find out about the bugs.

So this, iOS 8 GM, is the final beta version of the long running iOS 8 series.

The links below are for developers and none-developers too, these are the leaked iOS 8 GM links. If you are a developer simply download iOS 8 GM for your device below, also the same goes for non-developers.

iOS 8 logo



iPod touch:

As always if you have a question regarding the iOS 8 GM then drop one below.

Do note, as I mentioned above, these links can be used by developers. But as these are the leaked links, anyone can download iOS 8 GM and install it on their iOS device.

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      • i have a doubt man i was on ios 8 beta’s till last week and downgraded to ios7 but i got my udid regesterd so my question is will i be able to install ios8 gm without any activation problems plz reply

        • John… I had the same issue, and fair play, I pooped myself. Did you fix it?
          Just in case this is how I fixed it.

          The issue is with iTunes 12 (Yosemite beta). On a back up machine if you have one. Use App Zapper to delete iTunes 12… to avoid an error about the iTunes library being created by a newer version of iTunes, also delete your library in the Music folder.

          Download iTunes 11.4 and restore your phone. I restored it to the GM linked above and 11.4 activated with no problems.

          Post activation, I restored my phone from my main mac using iTunes 12 with no problems.

          Good luck!

  1. Install with latest iTunes 11.4 and hold Option key when click on Update button in iTunes, Then chose your ipsw file !

  2. Upgraded to iOS8 on my T-Mobile iPhone 5 – getting Invalid SIM response on iTunes… phone was brought over from AT&T fully paid off and unlocked 2 months ago. What happened?

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