Download Pangu Untether 0.3 Jailbreak To Fix Heating Issue

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Pangu untether jailbreak has been updated to fix an issue which had been reported by a lot of people. Pangu untether 0.3 now fixes a problem which caused a lot of iOS devices, especially the 32-bit ones to overheat. So go ahead and download Pangu untether 0.3 from Cydia now!

People started reporting that once Pangu 1.1 had been released and they tried jailbreaking it, they encountered a problem. This problem resulted in the CPU running more than usual and draining battery and even in some cases causing the device to become really hot.

Well if you had been experiencing this problem, then the good news is that Pangu untether package has been updated. So you can download the Pangu untether now to fix this problem.

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Head over to Cydia and search for the Pangu untether and you will be presented with it. Or you will be notified that you need to install some essentials. Just install the latest Pangu untether Cydia package.

Are you one of those people who are experiencing this heating problem on 32-bit devices? Or after installing the Pangu untether 0.3 package it still hasn’t fixed your device then drop a comment below.

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3 Comments to Download Pangu Untether 0.3 Jailbreak To Fix Heating Issue

  1. I don’t know if I have this problem, maybe I do notice a decrease lil faster in my iPad but, what I do see is a constantly message everytime I want to visit a website said ” A PROBLEM REPETEADLY OCCURED AND THE SIGNAL ON MY WIFI IS GONE”.

    This is a problem with Apple software or something with the jailbreak, if someone have this problem too, talk about it to see if we found a solution.


    • I have much the same problem. Sometimes, I go to use my iPad and the WiFi icon/symbol at the top has completely disappeared; even though the iPad connects perfectly to my network connection at home.

      Also, again, I have been experiencing many issues with visiting sites and being told that the page shall be reloaded as a problem occurred.

      Unsure about whether these are bugs within iOS 8 or if these are bugs within the PanGu jailbreak.

      Would love to see a fix which ever way.

      Kind regards,
      Calum Timms.

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