How To Create Interactive Folders On iPhone: iOS 8.1

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The reason why most people jailbreak their iPhone is to get more advance features, something which Apple will normally not allow. Well folks, that is where Cydia comes in. Apex 2, a Cydia tweak famous for interactive folders has been updated for iOS 8.1. Check out all details below.

The normal stock app folders are good but they are not that great. You can not see which ones are related to others, you have to group them together, but what if a tweak did this for you? Well that is where Apex comes in, a great Cydia tweak that let’s you create interactive folders on the iPhone.

apex 2

Apex 2 has been in the jailbreaking world for quite sometime, so some of you might be familiar with it. But if you are not, well then check out this video which shows Apex 2 in action.

Video via Jeff:

Although the title mentions interactive folders for the iPhone but Apex works on all iOS 8.1 compatible devices including iPads and iPod touchs.

The jailbreak for iOS 8.0.x is available but Apex 2 only supports iOS 8.1 and above, so if you are not on iOS 8.1 then better download it and jailbreak on it, so you can use Apex 2 and other cool Cydia tweaks.

If you have previously purchased Apex 2 then the upgrade for iOS 8.1 is going to be free but if you are a new user, then you will have to shell out $2.99.

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