TaiG Is The Most Flawless Jailbreak Ever?

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We recently got a big surprise when a team from China released a jailbreaking tool called TaiG. No one expected a jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1, as it wasn’t a big upgrade. But that’s not what the developers behind TaiG thought. They just released their jailbreaking tool. And believe it or not, it might just be the most flawless jailbreaks ever.

Whenever a jailbreaking tool is released. There are many bugs, therefore the people behind a jailbreak release updates for it, fixing different things with each new update. Be it Evasion, Pangu or any other jailbreak, it will have some bugs but some are more buggy than others. Well it seems that TaiG is on a different level.

TaiG, the jailbreak that was released a couple of days ago is being considered as the most flawless jailbreak ever. This isn’t just a statement, as people are finding out.

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Albeit one update to TaiG; version 1.0.1, TaiG hardly has any bugs on it. Unlike some jailbreaking software, there are very few people who are finding problems while using TaiG.

Although some people might find some problems but it is without a doubt almost flawless. I should be cautious when I use the word flawless. But nonetheless it has very few bugs compared to other jailbreak releases.

Currently TaiG can jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 and below, but it is only compatible with Windows platform not Macs.

Well, have you faced any problems while jailbreaking using TaiG? Leave a comment below.

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