How To Watch “The Interview” Movie From Outside the U.S.

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The movie “The Interview” has got a lot of attention especially after Sony, the company behind The Interview, got hacked because of it. Many people believed North Korea is the culprit behind the attacks but the N.Korean government has kept on dismissing this as a rumor. That is the reason why many cinemas are not showing The Interview movie.

Stream The Interview Movie Outside U.S.

Well, that is for another discussion but I’m guessing you are here to watch the The Interview. Right now the movie The Interview is only available to rent for people inside the U.S., but what about people from outside? Well if you live outside the U.S., which I’m sure there are tons of you; here is how to watch the movie The Interview from outside the U.S.

Currently you can watch the movie The Interview on YouTube Movies, Xbox Video, Google Play and Sony’s dedicated website called the But all of them are for consumers inside the United States.

Well, to watch the movie from outside the U.S. is a bit technical and has some requirements. So let’s begin.

The interview


For this guide I’m going to be using YouTube Movies as a source for streaming The Interview movie.

Step 1: Download a VPN such as Tunnel Bear, this will trick the site you are going to stream the movie to believe that you are inside the U.S..

Step 2: Now head over to this link (YouTube).

Step 3: This is where it gets a bit tricky, so I will break it down for you. Since it is only available inside the U.S., you will need a card with a U.S. address on it. To avoid that use some of these tricks.

1. Use an international credit card.

2. Ask a friend who lives in the U.S. to pay the $5.99 to rent the movie or $14.99 to own the movie.

3. Use PayPal with a U.S. address (some people reported that they can use PayPal with their own country address and paid for the movie).

Step 4: You will now be finally able to watch the movie The Interview from outside America.

Well folks that is a simple guide on how to stream or to watch The Interview movie from outside the U.S..

Let me know if you liked the movie or not.

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