Apple Releases Automatic Security Updates For The First Time

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Apple, like any other tech company wants to keep its users safe and secure from hackers, so that is why it is now implementing a new method to keep Mac computers secure. Apple pushed new software on Monday that fixes an important security breach, this all happened without the end-user not even knowing about it. The user was not notified of the update and the person did not need to restart. This is happening for the first time in Apple’s history!

Apple had the technology to issue automatic updates for the past two years but never used it. But for the first time, it issued such an update on Monday regarding a security fix on the Network Time Protocol (NTP). An issue which deals with synchronizing clocks on computer systems.

If you are using a Mac running on Yosemite, then your computer already has this new code in it to fix the issue regarding the NTP, and you would not even have been notified of it.

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The reason why Apple used this automatic security update was that the bug found was a critical one that could have affected users drastically. The bug was reported by Department of Homeland Security and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute.

This has opened a new chapter in Apple’s history, where it will now start pushing security updates automatically that need urgent attention.

At the end of the day, this is really going to be beneficial for the end-user. What do you think?

(Via Reuters).

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