New Tool To Hack Into iCloud Accounts Released!

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Hackers are always trying to attack or gain access to a specific person or a company’s data. New tools are developed just to hack into networks and countless are being prepared right now. Well, at least one of these tools has emerged, which can hack into an iCloud accounts!

A hacker who goes by the name of Pr0x13 released this software called the iDict which gains access to a person’s iCloud account and that too by using brute force method.

In more simple words brute force means guessing password randomly until the software gets it right. Normally, the system would lock the account after a number of tries but iDict uses a technique that bypasses this restriction. As you can imagine this is a very serious concern.


Currently the software uses the 500 most used passwords to access an account. People who have simple passwords are at the most risk.

To avoid such a hack onto your iCloud account, create a strong password using numbers, characters, upper and lower case letters. Also make sure you have two-step verification turned on.

The hacker has posted the tool on GitHub and said:

This bug is painfully obvious and was only a matter of time before it was 
privately used for malicious or nefarious activities, I publicly disclosed it so apple will  patch it.

Let’s hope that Apple quickly patches the exploit used in hacking into iCloud accounts. What are your thoughts in this security breach?

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