iOS 9 To Focus Immensely On Stability & Bug Fixes

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Apple is busy working on many things and one of the major ones is the release of iOS 9. Yeah, I know, iOS 8.2 isn’t out so why are we talking about iOS 9? Well new reports have come in mentioning details regarding Apple’s next-gen iOS firmware. Check out the details regarding iOS 9 below.

Apple yesterday, released iOS 8.3 beta 1, it brought some features relating to CarPlay, Google 2-factor authentication and more but it wasn’t a major update. Talks are that Apple is soon going to seed a beta for iOS 8.4, well it seems there are going to be lots of betas coming up for iOS firmware.

But the major release would be iOS 9. Apple generally fixes bugs and brings improvements in every release, but recently, the amount of new features and quick updates has somewhat taken a bite out of Apple’s performance for the operating system. iOS 8 was reported to be one of the buggiest releases, therefore Apple’s up-coming iOS 9 firmware will focus mostly on stability and bug fixes.

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Mind you, iOS 9 will bring new features, but Apple has prioritized something else this time and that is bringing stability to iOS 9. Apple’s major focus is going to be fixing those bugs which causes crashes and other weird things that might happen to your iOS device

Something’s wrong? iOS 9 will fix it for you!

Although we might see many new features in iOS 9 but it will be much more stable compared to the current version, which as you can guess is something amazing.

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