Apple Removed “Stress” & “Blood Pressure” Sensors From Apple Watch

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Apple is going to launch its first wearable device in April; Apple’s smart watch is finally going to be in the wrist of consumers. But many people are still wondering whether they should get the watch or not. Well, it seems Apple is thinking the same thing.

Today a report from the Wall Street Journal mentions interesting details on how Apple made changes to the watch. Apple initially had different plans on what the features of the watch would have. But due to technical difficulties it had to cut some important features.

Two of these important features are two sensors, which are related to stress and blood pressure. Apple’s plan for the first-gen watch was to incorporate stress and blood pressure sensors, which would measure a person’s stress and their blood pressure respectively.

Apple Watch design

These features were removed when Apple unveiled the watch late last year.

The reason for removing these features is a technical one. The tightness of the band and the hairs on the skin can fluctuate the readings, making the watch lose its credibility. Even the slightest miscalculated reading would have placed the Apple Watch under scrutiny from government regulations.

Other sensors were too complicated to be placed on the watch.

Although we are not getting these sensors on the first-generation Apple Watch, but the journal reports that Apple is planning to incorporate a wider range of sensors in up-coming Apple Watches.

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