Apple Watch Will Be Used To Unlock Your Car & More!

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In the past few years, iOS devices have completely transformed the lives of their users. Having a device that controls all of your everyday activities not only saves your time; but also makes it convenient to carry only a single device in your pocket. Now Apple wants to take this thing even further with the watch. In fact you will be able to control your car from the watch too!

The arrival of iPhone has improved the standard of everyday’s living, by replacing all the previous conventional devices. On a single tab of your finger you can click picture, listen to the songs, socialize with your friends and more. And now the fruit company is has taken it to a step ahead, by enabling its users to operate their cars using their Apple Watch!

During an unannounced visit to the Apple’s retail store in London, Tim Cook, the company’s CEO revealed some more details about the upcoming Apple watch that is going to be released in April.

Apple Watch design

The watch is going to be a revolution; as it is expected to replace your car keys. The executive said, “replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are now used by many vehicles.” This means that in the future, people don’t have to hover finding their car keys; rather, their smartphones would be enough to unlock their cars.

Furthermore, during the visit, Cook also replied to Apple’s previous battery concerns. He said that the battery of the watch will last longer. No more four-hour battery which was reported previously.

Apple Watch ChaseThe Apple Watch is going to be focused more on fitness, as the people who are currently using the device (Apple engineers and other testers) are mostly using it for measuring fitness related activities.

The Watch is also going to be used for other activities but these all are going to depend on the developers who are going to create apps for the watch.

Well let’s see what kind of things the Apple Watch is going to be used for.

(Via Telegraph).

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