Watch The Exclusive Lab Where Apple Tested The Apple Watch

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Apple has to create the perfect product if it wants to compete in the world of technology, where even a small company can make it big. That is why, when it came to the Apple Watch, Apple had to make sure they were doing their absolute best. Apple had a secret lab where they tested out the Apple Watch on the “human genius pigs”.

ABC news had exclusive access to a lab where Apple had been testing out and collecting data regarding the Apple Watch. The video which you can see below shows the lab where various activities were performed and various data was recorded to fine-tune the watch.

For the Apple Watch, Apple had over 10,000 sessions and over 18,000 hours of data – which is to say that, Apple employees were literally sweating to collect the data.

As you can see from the video, Apple had various rooms where they tested the Apple Watch with varying climates to see how it performed.

Not only that Apple employees went to Alaska and Dubai, both extreme temperatures to see how the climate would affect the watch and the person wearing it.

Well we are only a couple of weeks away from getting the watch, so let’s see how it fares in the real world.

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