Pre-order Timings For Apple Watch Are Here!

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Apple has finally unveiled the pre-order timings for the Apple Watch. If you are one of those people who is going to straight away buy an Apple Watch, time to mark your calendar and get Siri to set you reminders! Check out below on the pre-order timings for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Pre-order Timings

Apple already mentioned that April 10 was the day that pre-orders for the watch were going to start. But it did not give us a specific time. Well that time has now been revealed and posted on Apple’s website.

Below are the timings for the pre-order of the Apple Watch for all the countries that are going to start the pre-orders on April 10. Check for your country below:

Apple watch preorder


Well folks make sure you stay awake for the pre-order as for some Apple Watch models; they are going to be in limited quantity and stocks might run out soon. Especially those of the Edition models.

Below are the prices for the Apple Watch AppleCare+:

  • $59 AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Sport
  • $79 AppleCare+ for Apple Watch
  • $999 AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Edition

Well folks, are you going to buy an Apple Watch? Drop a comment in the section below.

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