You Can Now Follow Apple Music On Snapchat!

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Apple is really pushing Apple Music to the masses. Advertising on various platforms: from T.V. commercials to ads on various websites. Well, it is taking a step further by allowing people to follow behind-the-scenes footage of beats 1 Radio station on Snapchat!

If you are an avid Snapchat user then Apple’s new account is a must-follow especially for those people who are on Snapchat everyday and want to see cool things.

Apple is offering behind-the-scenes footage for those people who follow Apple’s music account on Snapchat. You can see RJ Zane Lowe, Julie Adenuga and Ebro Darden who are live on beats 1 radio 24/7 from L.A., London and New York respectively.

Apple Music snapchat

You can add Apple Music on Snapchat using the username: AppleMusic. Once you do that you will be able to see all the behind-the-scene footage from the cast.

Currently Apple Music has a 200 second long ‘story’ on Snapchat, showing the workings of the crew. It is pretty interesting if you are a music fan.

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