How to Watch 360-degree Videos on Apple TV 4

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360-degree video have become very popular in recent times, especially after YouTube allowed people to upload the new video format. Currently there is no native support for 360-degree videos for the latest Apple TV, in fact there is no word from Apple regarding bringing this video format to Apple devices. Well, no worries as now we have an app that helps you watch 360-degree videos on the latest Apple TV.

The app called LittlStar, supported by Disney, let’s you watch 360-degree videos on the Apple TV. Since it is backed up by Disney, you can watch great content from various publications such as National Geographic, Discovery, Red Bull and more.

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So if you are into 360 videos and want to have a great time then definitely get LittlStar as you can start viewing some great content on your new Apple TV 4. To move around in the 360 video use your Siri remote.

Until Apple brings native support for 360-degree videos, LittlStar is the best option for you.

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