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Choosing a topic to write about is one of the most important and hardest things. If you’re a blogger creating an interesting topic is the key to getting large amounts of traffic for your blog, as well as choosing the right topic can make a big difference, contrary to this, choosing the wrong one means you getting nowhere and all your hard work going to waste, If you have a blog you have to continuously write so people will keep coming to your blog so that means you have to choose the right topic each time.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right topic.

  • Pick a topic that is interesting for you and you know a lot about it, so it becomes easier for you to write.
  • Keyword research is a very useful method all you have to do is to type in any keyword phrase on Google’s External Keyword Research tool and WordTracker’s Keyword Research Tool related to your niche and these tools come up with the key phrases that people actually use to search online; this gives you an advantage over others.

  • Make your topic searchable. When thinking about a topic you should consider how people will search for your topic. Most people will search in the same ways as you, so how would you search for the topic?
  • Check out the keywords which generate lots of traffic this will give you an idea on what to write.
  • Search on a topic and check whether it has been over used or not, you don’t want a topic that has been over used.
  • Think about what will the audience you’re going to write to want from your article.
  • Brainstorm all the ideas that are coming to your mind.
  • You can look at your surroundings and get ideas from there; a great way can be to check at the current political situation or the current economic situation.
  • Consult with your friends or family to get more ideas
  • Choose something that is unique and give a unique title to grab reader’s attention.
  • Surf the internet; it will surely give you lots of ideas on what to write.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to choose a topic as this will make matters worse for you.
  • Go out for a walk or to the nearest park that will be the time which gives you lots of ideas as you will have plenty to think about.

The above tips will surely kick start your thinking on what next to write. Apply these and reap the benefits and remember to keep them in mind next time when you’re about to write. So enjoy writing with the help of the above tips!

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