How to Maintain a Car

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Maintaining a car is more difficult than buying a car. Some people will only fix their vehicles, or have their cars fixed when something goes wrong. Cars, like all machines, need to be maintained to keep them efficient.  Most people do not care much, resulting in early depreciation of their cars. A good and timely maintenance of your car can not only save your money and time but also will make your travel enjoyable. So if you maintain your car by checking it regularly it will be very useful in the long run, so a few tips in mind can be very helpful.

Here are some tips as how to maintain your car:

  • Check engine oil regularly or more often if it had a leak before.
  • Check radiator and battery water almost every day.

  • Cover your car with a cover sheet to protect it from heat as strong heat can fade the color.
  • Always park your car under a shade or shelter to protect from scorching sun.
  • Have your car washed and serviced every month.
  • Do not use strong detergents to wash car as they can damage the color. Use
    only shampoo.
  • Regularly check air pressure in all the tires.
  • Apply breaks slowly and gradually for the durability of the car breaks.
  • Do not ignore any minor fault or defect in the car as they can have a lasting damage on car.
  • Keep a spare tire in the car in case one of the tires gets punctured.
  • Always keep some necessary repairing tools in the car.
  • Take care of car wipers and keep them cleaned to avoid any scratch on windscreen.
  • Don’t ram the doors of your car to avoid losing adjustment.

  • Waxing and buffing should be done once a month.
  • Check lights and signals as broken lights and signals can be very dangerous.
  • Avoid unnecessary speed and over taking to avoid putting your life at stake.

When you take into account the above-mentioned tips your travel in your car will be always enjoyable and it will give you comfort and a feeling of safety in driving the car. While your car does need professional auto maintenance services from time to time, you can save a lot of money if you perform some basic maintenance tasks on your car at home. Above all your safety is more important and therefore drives safely and carefully as your slight negligence can put your life in danger.

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