Apple’s iPhone 4, App Store, Angry Birds Get Guinness World Records

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Apple has worked its magic to Guinness World Records, Apple is in for its famous products such as the iPhone 4, Apple App store, iOS Games.

So what do each of these products from Apple got Guinness World Records?

iPhone 4 Guinness World Record

Apple’s iPhone 4 got the world record for being the fastest selling gaming hardware on the launch day. A whopping 1.5 million were sold on the launch day compared to 200,000 PSP sold on launch day, while the Nintendo DS took 1 week to sell 500,000.

This would be interesting to note that while iPhone 4 is a smart phone the other two are core gaming related. Worthy of comparing?

App Store Guinness World Record

Apple’s App store has the most downloaded apps. A staggering 6.5 billion apps have been downloaded so far since its launch in July 2008. The App store also holds the Guinness World Record for having the most games in the launch lineup, 145 games  available on July 2008.

The app store also holds the record for the largest game store with a 37,362 games available for download as of last September. Which is huge compared to 1,110 PC game download service and a slightly higher Xbox Live Indie Arcade at 1,300.

Angry Birds Guinness World Record.

The hugely popular Angry birds has got a World Record too of being the most downloaded paid App for iOS in many countries. Angry birds has been downloaded about 6.5 million times since its launch in December 2009.

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