Download All Paid Cydia Apps For Free (Guide)

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You just saw an app on Cydia and really wanted to download it but then you realized that you do not have enough money because you bought so many apps previously. Well now we are going to show you how to download all paid Cydia apps for free! Yes folks you heard that right. For free.

Before we tell you how to download all paid Cydia Apps for free let us brief you about what Cydia actually is. If you already know everything about it then just skip this part and if you are new then do read it. Cydia is basically a store much like Apple’s App store in which you can make purchases, that is downloading apps but the main difference between Cydia apps and Apple’s app store apps is that; Cydia apps are not approved by Apple.

When you first jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Cydia gets automatically downloaded. The packages in Cydia are hosted by repositories and when you first run Cydia there are already some repositories by default. Now here is the trick to download Cydia apps for free.

You can manually add repositories to Cydia. So below are the repositories that hold the cracked version of paid Cydia apps, so go ahead and add them.

Download Paid Cydia Apps For Free

sinfuliphone repo

Lets begin with the first repo that is Go ahead and add this repo as it hosts many cracked paid applications on Cydia and you are sure to find what you are looking for here.

imodzone iphone repo

The second repo is You are sure to find some apps that you could not find in the sinful repo. Download paid cydia apps for free from this repo.

xellize iphone repo

This is the mother of all cracked applications repo. You are definitely bound to find which app you are looking for in here. This repo hosts some of the best paid applications in Cydia. So what you waiting for go ahead and download them to get paid Cydia apps for free.

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  1. Jessica Nyugen

    I can’t get this 🙁 I tried to install it but i ketp getting an error. Im using Greenp0ison as my JBP (Jail Break Provider) could that be my problem?

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