View Song Lyrics In Your Lock-screen Using LockLyrics

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Here is another of those lockscreen Cydia tweaks we have been showing you recently and this time we have a new cydia tweak called Locklyrics.

LockLyrics as the name suggests gives you the ability to view lyrics of any song in your lockscreen, a pretty neat Cydia tweak as you might say.


You definitely can view any lyrics in the iPod app but not most cydia apps can give you the ability to view lyrics in your lockscreen, so if you are one of those folks who love to listen to songs as well as sing at the same time then LockLyrics might be for you.

One thing to note is that it does not add any new icon to your springboard and there are not many settings, so it basically does what it does good, that is show song lyrics in your lockscreen.

To view song lyrics in your lockscreen simply double tap the home button to bring it up. If you think that locklyrics is the app for you then go ahead and download locklyrics which is available in Cydia for $0.99.

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