First Photos Appear Of Steve Jobs After Resignation (Picture)

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It had only been some days after the shocking news of Steve Jobs resignation and now we have a picture of Steve Jobs which has been taken by TMZ.  The picture shows him wearing a typical black turtle neck shirt and something out-of-the usual, a skirt.

Steve Jobs sick

As you can see from the above picture Mr. Steve Jobs looks very sick and is certainly in a bad condition. He looks thinner than ever.

The above picture can not be confirmed whether if it is real or is fake but we do hope that it turns out to be fake. We wish Steve Jobs good luck for future and for safe health.

We will let you know more about this photo of Steve Jobs whether its fake or not, so stay tuned.

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4 Comments to First Photos Appear Of Steve Jobs After Resignation (Picture)

  1. I feel so bad b/c this man has an incredible mind and created products that have made my life so much more fun. His products were better than Xanax and zoloft combined. Please be well and know that there is one Mexican 52 yr old woman that thinks u r a genius. After seeing the show pirates I raalized that bill gates wasn’t the genius it was Steve jobs and he has secretly been someone I have admired since then. God bless him


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