Unlock iPhone 4/3GS Using Ultrasnow On iOS 5 Tomorrow

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Good news folks, well at least for those people who rely on carrier unlock. iPhone Dev Team memeber Musclenerd has just confirmed that they are going to release Ultrasnow to unlock iPhone 4, 3GS on iOS 5.

unlock iOS 5 iPhoneTo those people who do not know what Ultrasnow is, well basically its a software that unlocks your iPhone on various basebands.

As you are most probably aware that Apple yesterday released iOS 5 for everyone, so the folks who updated to iOS 5 can’t unlock their iPhone 4/ iPhone 3GS yet, but tomorrow iPhone Dev Team will release a new ultrasnow to unlock your iPhone.

Unlock iOS 5

Will coordinate ultrasnow iOS5 compatibility update to come out *after* a planned MobileSubstrate update tomorrow.

So folks get ready to unlock your iPhone on iOS 5 tomorrow.

This ultrasnow will not unlock new basebands, to see if your baseband can be unlocked check the compatibility below.

Ultrasnow unlock baseband compatibility 

  • 01.59.00
  • 04.26.08
  • 05.11.07
  • 05.12.01
  • 05.13.04
  • 06.15.00

If you have any one of the basebands above then you can unlock on iOS 5. If you don’t, well you will have to wait some more time until they find some ways to unlock it.

Check back tomorrow as by that time we will have a complete guide on unlocking iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.

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